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Download PayPerCloud Outlook profile from ControlPanel

1.   Log into PayPerCloud ControlPanel as the user ( http://portal.controladmin.net )
2.   Click  Services icon > Exchange > Configuration > Outlook Profile
Note: This tool builds a profile specific to the user that is currently logged in. If a user has not been provisioned with a mailbox the tool is not available

3.   Select the Connection Protocol, typically the default of “RPC over HTTP” ( there are other choices, MAPI, POP3, IMAP)

4.   Select the Exchange Cached Mode, the default “Full Messages”  (other options, Headers, Headers then Messages)

5.   Click “Download”

6.   Click “Run”

7.   If  you receive a security warning, Click “Run”

8.   Click “Yes” to allow this action

9.   Click "Next"

10.  Select “Outlook Profile” and “Auto Logon Tool”, Click “Next”

11.  Enter your password, confirm your password, Click "Next"

12.  Leave default location for install, Click “Next”

13.  Click “Install”

14.  Click “Finish”

15.  Outlook will open after the install completes.


Note: After a password change, you will have to change the saved password in the AutoLogon utility. Right-Click on the key icon in the lower right of your task bar to change.

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