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How to Backup your Mailbox in Outlook 2010

1.   Open Outlook
2.   Click the File menu > Open >Import

3.   Select “Export to a file”, Click “Next”

4.   Select “Outlook Data File (.pst), Click “Next”

5.   Select the Mailbox (NOT your Inbox)
6.   Check the box “Include Subfolders”, Click “Next”

7.   Click “Browse…”

8.   Select a location to save the backup file (ex. C:\Backups\YourName-backup.pst)
9.   Click "OK"

10. Select “Replace duplicates with items exported”, Click “Finish”

11. Optional: create a security password
12. To bypass leave blank, Click “OK”

13. Navigate to folder specified in step 8 (ex. C:\Backups\YourName-backup.pst)

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