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How to Upload and Import pst files into PayPerCloud Hosted Mailbox

1.   Download and install FileZilla. You can download it at http://filezilla-project.org/download.php 
2.   Select your operating system

3.   Run the installer using the default values

4.   Start FileZilla and connect to the server 
Log in with the following information: 
          Host: pstimport.controladmin.net
             Username: full email address
             Password: same password as control panel login/email password
            Click “Quick connect” to use default FTP port


5.   Once connected, Drag and Drop PST file into the import Folder 
6.   From the left pane, navigate to the location of the PST files on your local computer. (the pst files were created during the Outlook backup process)
7.   Drag this file into the “Import Folder” on the right side of the client window

8.   The upload status is shown in the bottom window, and will give Estimated Time to completion
9.   Once the FTP of all your .pst files is complete, log in to the PPC ControlPanel: http://portal.paypercloud.com
10.  Login as the PPC ControlPanel administrator

11.  Go to Services>Exchange>Mailbox Import/Export

12.  Expand the Import Mailbox section

13.  Select “Edit” next to account you are importing into
14.  In the drop down, select the correct PST file for your user 
          Note: Make sure you select the .pst NOT the .zip file
          Select “Update” on the right hand side

15.  Select “Import Mailboxes”

16.  The status of the Import can be monitored by clicking the “Refresh Status” When the import has begun, the status will be Green 
          - In the event the status does not change to Green, please contact the support center by chat, email, or phone. Our url is support@paypercloud.com.
          - Login to your email account and verify the old emails are imported.

There may be a delay in the import of the emails. You may see them come in as if being downloaded. This is normal, and full import may take several hours, depending on the file size, and load on the server.

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